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Your Questions


Q.  What should we wear for our first class?

A.  Children and adults taking part in the class should wear something light and comfortable that they can move freely in. The children should have bare feet to help them build foot strength and balance as well as enable them to fully take part in some of our sensory activities.

Q.  Can we take photos in class?

A.  Parents are permitted to take photographs during class for personal use if they are not involved in taking part in the class at the time. It is important that you do not post photos of other people's children online. Our teachers, or a designated photographer/videographer, may take photos and footage during classes. We will seek permission from parents/guardians for our photos are to be used for promotional purposes.

Q.  Can I reschedule a trial class if I miss it?

A.  Don't worry if you miss one of your trial classes, we understand that little ones get ill and life happens. Just let us know when the next convenient date is for you to come along and we will re-book for you.

Q.  Are parents allowed to watch the classes?

A.  Absolutely! We recognise what an important experience this is for the whole family and so parents are always welcome in class. In fact, in our classes for babies and toddlers parents get to join in and share the whole experience with their child.  Between the age of 2.5 and 4 years we recommend that parents encourage their children to become independent in class and it is good for them to work with their peers and build the confidence to go it alone. All our age groups have a family activity at the end of class, so you will always be involved in your child's lessons. Parents of our older children love to take some time to chat and have a cuppa in the waiting area during class, but also feel free to come in and watch whenever you like. If you do pop in and watch please make sure that you give your full attention to the lesson. It can be very difficult for a class to run if there are people talking and causing a distraction in the room.

Q.  What steps do you take to ensure the safety of the children?

A.  Your child's safety is of the utmost importance to us and you can rest assured that we have covered all bases to ensure your child's complete safety at all times. All our teaching and administrative staff are carefully checked to ensure they are suitable to work with children. We ensure they have up to date DBS clearance and appropriate references. There is always a qualified first aider on site. We also have a comprehensive safe guarding policy that all staff comply with.

Don't see your question?  Get in touch and we'll be happy to answer all your queries.

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