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Terms & Conditions

This version of the Terms and Conditions came into effect on the 1st September 2022. They apply to all Jumping Jelly Beans classes run by KaSo Studios.


During classes we take photographs and footage of participants that may be used in marketing material in print and online. All media is vetted by our safeguarding officer before it is published. If there are special circumstances why you, your child and/or a person who attends class with you must not have their photograph used in this way you must notify us in writing.


During classes our staff may use appropriate physical contact to aid learning and care for the wellbeing of the children in the class.

Fees for Jumping Jelly Beans classes should be paid in advance of the start of each half term. Payment can be made most easily via your KaSo Class Portal at Payment can also be made by cash in class. Pupils owing more than one half-term's class fees will be refused tuition until these fees are settled. Payments are non-refundable, whether children miss a class through holiday, sickness or any other reason. Our term dates for the current academic year are published on the website Each term is a slightly different length, and termly payments therefore differ to reflect the number of sessions.

The school should be informed via your KaSo Class Portal if a participant is unable to attend. Participants are encouraged to attend every week in order to progress. If a participant does not attend for 3 consecutive weeks, their place will be offered to another family on our waiting list. Thank you for your efforts in getting them to us each week.

In the highly unlikely event of classes being cancelled (due to bad weather, the venue becoming unavailable, staffing issues or health and safety reasons for example), KaSo Studios will endeavour to find an alternative date in lieu of the cancellation. Refunds will only be issued if the cancellation is a result of a KaSo Studios operational issue and will be dealt with on an individual basis through and once a replacement class option has been finalised. KaSo Studios reserves the right to retain monies if you are unable to attend the alternative date. In the event of prevention from delivery of classes due to Covid19 – KaSo will provide alternative classes via pre-recorded content and/or ZOOM classes and refunds will not be given.
For anyone wishing to leave us, we would really appreciate four weeks’ notice, with an explanation in writing via email. This will help us improve our care. Text or Facebook messages are not acceptable. Fees will be due for the period of notice whether attendance is continued or not. In the event of more than 4 week’s fees having been paid in advance, these can be refunded. KaSo Studios reserves the right to recover any monies owed.

Class sizes are kept to a minimum and more staff are employed when necessary to maintain the high standards of our KaSo Cares ethos. Where a class is at capacity, a waiting list is compiled and new entrants are admitted on a first come first served basis. The school has the right to refuse admission.

KaSo Studios accepts no liability for any items lost or damaged during the course of classes. We advise that all attendees use a bag to store their personal belongings. All mobile phones and other portable electronic devices should be switched off during class.


Chewing gum is completely banned in all classes for obvious health and safety reasons. The school MUST be informed of any  injuries or illness before commencement of classes. Participants MUST NOT take part with an injury or attend classes until the injury is fully healed.

We are a school that will not tolerate any form of bullying, harassment or abusive behaviour towards pupils and members of staff. As part of our Safeguarding Policy, we have a bullying policy, which is accessible to all via the KaSo Studios website


We expect participants to look after the environment in which they attend class and the property of others. Any participant caught deliberately damaging any equipment, buildings or the property of others will be expected to pay for any damage caused and will be dealt with by the school Principal. Please ensure fire exits and routes are kept clear at times

Thank you so much for taking the time to read these terms and conditions. We absolutely can’t wait to care for you and your young ones and dearly hope you’ll enjoy becoming part of the Jumping Jelly Beans Family.

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